Invisible 2019

Auseinandersetzungen zum Thema "Invisible" .Die beteiligten Künstlerlnnen beleuchten den
sehr persönlichen Begriff des Unsichtbar-seins aus unterschiedlichsten Blickwinkeln.

Die Auslegung und die Bedeutung werden dabei jeweils anders interpretiert und wahrgenommen:

unsichtbar kann heimlich,versteckt, anrüchig,tabu, unerklärbar,unfassbar oder unangenehm sein; es kann berühren
ohne Materialität zu haben, oder jemanden unbewusst definieren;
Es sind Versuche,Unsichtbares sichtbar zu machen - ihm Form zu geben.

Der schlussendliche Träger der Objekte soll dazu ermutigt werden,sich zu offenbaren und ein inneres Gefühl als starkes Statement
nach außen zu vermitteln.

Miriam Bacher

The works for the exhibition Invisible play with invisibility or visibility of human characteristics. Through adding or omitting the German prefix un-, these descriptions develope an opposite meaning and positive is negated. The written messages of the jewelry works (unsicherheit, unentschlossen, un) can be recognized or guessed in certain positions and situations, for some, however, mere fragments and fractions remain visible. Thereby a social misconduct (Un-art) is taken up and thematized - a frivolous and hasty categorization and stigmatization of others.

Cristina D´Alberto


Spazio Privato indicates a place that is not accessible to the public, an intimate dimension, protected from prying eyes and inaccessible to many. 
It can be a physical, emotional or mental place bounded by a boundary that cannot be crossed.
The Spazio Privato jewelry collection is made entirely by hand. Porcelain creates a solid container, which protects the delicacy of the pearl inside.
The silk wraps the pearl in a soft embrace, covering it internally or leaving it visible.
Here you can keep all those thoughts, memories and emotions that need to preserve their brightness. In a world where the borderline between private space and public space is increasingly confused and rarefied, it is necessary to understand when
the time is right and if it is necessary to open this space to the public.
INVISIBLE is what you decide not to show.


Lena Kabosch

The invisible personality


The spun threads embody the invisible connections between people per se, but also the connections between events and their influence on the personality development of each individual, as well as society.


Why am I the way I am?


Character development happens through the impact, interpretation and processing of experiences and the personal environment.


Nowadays, the interconnections between people and some of their life events can be seen through social media, but one must not forget that many things remain hidden to the observer.


"Don't judge a book by its cover".


"Smile" deals with the trend on social media to present only the good things in life, creating an illusion of an ideal world in which only success and harmony exist.


However, it is also about seeing and being seen. Self-staging, exhibitionism and voyeurism, sensationalism.


The piece of jewellery is an eye-catcher, it attracts the gaze and thus fulfils its purpose as an attention catcher, it is part of the outwardly staged image. But in the central part of the piece there is a camera that remains hidden from the viewer. It looks even when the wearer is not looking, catching the "voyeur" in a moment he or she thought was unobserved.


“Spirograph” is customisable to the wearer.


The cross-linking pattern and colours are customisable, allowing the wearer to visibly display their own usually hidden connections that have influenced their personality development.


Noah Layr

The Necklace "Onethousand tears for one Pearl" and the serial Pieces "Insamination of Pearls" are a Hommage on all the physical and psychical Injuries, what are mostly seen as hard cut or livechanger. Like the production of Pearls, where the shell gets injured to produce a beautiful pearl, we as a human being can also produce our personal pearls with the help of distance and time.

  • Necklace "1000 Tears for one Pearl" - Tissues, Leather, Urushi Laquer, Sweetwater Pearl, Gold Leaf
  • Earrings "Insamination of Pearls" - Silver, Urushi Laquer, Gold Leaf, Quarz, Granite, Sono Wood
  • Rings "Insamination of Pearls" - Silver, Urushi Laquer, Gold Leaf, Sono Wood

Wolfgang Löffler


Jede Narbe – unsichtbar oder sichtbar,


ist einzigartig und hinterlässt eine Geschichte.


Mit jeder Wiederholung, erkennt man sie etwas mehr als Teil vom Ganzen an.


Dieses Kunstwerk setzt den Fokus auf Vergangenes.



  • Narbenumrahmungsgewebe“ Leukoplast, lasergeschnitten, 24 karat Blattvergoldet
  • Große Bandage“ 925 Silber (vergoldet), vernäht










Miriam Prager

Serie Singularität

Die Schmuckstücke mit dem Titel Singularität I-III sind als Broschen zu tragen.

Die gebogene Stahlnadel ermöglicht das Wenden der Objekte.

Die jeweiligen TrägerInnen entscheiden, welche der beiden Schauseiten gezeigt wird. Den BetrachterInnen bleibt ein Teil des Schmuckstückes verborgen, bis ein weiterer Einblick von ihrem Gegenüber gestattet wird.

Singularität I
Singularität II
Singularität III