Do We Know? Unveiling the Depths of Human Knowledge

The exhibition „Do We Know? Unveiling the Depths of Human Knowledge“ takes visitors on a journey into the vast realm of understanding and the fundamental question of what we truly know.

Through installations and displays, it explores the intersections of science, philosophy, culture, and artificial intelligence, encouraging visitors to critically examine their beliefs and embrace the pursuit of knowledge as an ongoing journey.

The exhibition features jewelry objects and body ornaments, fostering dialogue and expanding perspectives.

„Do We Know? Exploring the Depths of Human Knowledge“ offers a stimulating and transformative experience, challenging visitors to question their preconceptions, embrace uncertainty, and embark on a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding.



Gyökös Borbála

In the artwork we delve into the unseen world of atomic structures.
These pieces, titled within the context of ‚Do We Know?‘ pose questions about our comprehension of life‘s fundamental structures.
The bowl serves as a canvas, transforming a utilitarian object into a vessel of contemplation, bridging the gap between science and art.
Its companion, the amorphous anomaly, defies categorization.
The object consists of veins, dents, and protrusions.
The perceived chaos, a metaphor for the evolution from atoms to molecules and then to cells, culminates in perfect harmony.
The deliberate fusion of scientific precision and artistic interpretation is evident in the etched pattern, which mirrors the complex dance of particles at the microscopic level.
‚Atomic Artistry‘ invites us to consider the beauty and complexity inherent in the atomic arrangements that shape the essence of existence.
These copper pieces, from the process of their creation - the printing of atomic structures onto surfaces, through etching to the fire coloring - add a layer of mystique, becoming a metaphorical exploration of life, blurring the lines between empirical observation and abstract expression.

Atomic Artistry:
Reflections on the Essence of Existence

Huber Lisa

What do we know about our surrounding, our world, our universe?
Its important to every now and then shift your focus from the grand questions and open your eyes to the captivating world that unfolds in the subtle textures we encounter every day.
It tells a story inviting you to appreciate the microcosm we inhabit and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.
The finished pieces tell multiple storys depending on the observer. 
Embracing the experimental process, the blending of intuition, coincidence and craftmanship play the most important role with this series. 
Fragments and Leftovers in the Sourrounding of the Workshop, become the building block of innovation.
Beauty in Imperfection, repurposing and combining materials to birth something new. 
The project is a testament to the endless possibilities when we allow creativity to guide us.

firebrick, copper, enamel, steel, silver
round circles
copper, enamel, silver

Reiter Selina

My association with the subject of the depths of human knowledge led me immediately to the depths of the Ocean. The things we have already discovered and things that are still hidden.
The depths of the Ocean have amazed humanity for countless years. Its mysterious depths, largely unexplored, hold secrets that continue to intrigue scientists and adventurers alike. Thanks to advances in technology, mechanics and research, it is increasingly possible to discover the secrets of the sea.
However, our pursuit of knowledge must be balanced with a deep sense of responsibility. The fragile ecosystems of the ocean are under threat from pollution, overfishing, and climate change. As we delve into the depths, we must also strive to protect and preserve these delicate habitats for future generations.

Unveiling the Unknown
brass, copper, PLA, epoxy, thread
Discovering the Unseen
brass, PLA

Schober Patrick

What is God?

Since the beginning of humankind, we always thought about some being over us. In early human societies, the concept of God often emerged from attempts to explain natural phenomena and existential questions. Gods were associated with natural forces, and religious beliefs played a crucial role in providing a sense of order and purpose. Throughout history a lot of people thought about what defines the existence of a god. Is freedom, immortality essential postulates of practical reason rather than objects of theoretical knowledge? Or does everyone need a personal god which emphasized the importance of personal commitment over intellectual proofs? The diversity of perspectives underscores the richness of philosophical exploration into one of the most profound questions about existence and meaning.

God with a human face
neckjewellery, shield
copper, brass



Schwienbacher Sofia

Do we know
-where we come from?
the past is family
the past is source,
is love and pain,
the past is connection,
is separation,
the past is character,
is vice and talent,

past and present are merged,
memories glorified and faded

do I know where I come from?

print block
copper, paper, ink



Westreicher Jana

Where art converges with introspection, the "Life's Choice Ring" emerges as a thought-provoking jewelry project. Revealing a discreet box accessible only when the ring is removed turns into an intimate ritual. Inside, a symbolic "suicide pill" and a potent fragrance offer life's most significant choice. This isn't a tale of sorrow; it celebrates personal strength and autonomy.
The fragrance symbolizes immersion in vibrant moments, a reminder to live a vivid life. Simultaneously, the pill represents the freedom to choose an end, pain-free and self-determined. This piece challenges norms, sparking dialogue about being at life's mercy and sovereignty. The "Life's Choice Ring" stands as a wearable testament to human strength and the power to shape one's destiny.

Scented Autonomy: Life‘s Choice Ring A/B/C
silver, rock