Hidden Gems

 “The club members become in this exhibition with the Definitions of beauty and Discuss value.”

The implementation is limited these keywords are not pure to a material interpretation,

but can also refer to Wishes, dreams and relate narratives.

Miriam Bacher

Is a deformed rusty nail worthy of being seen and worn as jewellery?

The value of many materials and objects is only recognised when they are placed in context.

Their story, meaning, historical significance or a personal association must be brought to consciousness in order to change our view of things.

This hand-forged nail was found in the Atelier Schmuckes in 2023, during floor renovation work in the historic building of the Minoritenkonvent.

Transformed from a hidden piece of craftsmanship into art, this jewellery object becomes a „time capsule“ of this special place.

holy (s)crap?


925 silver, found steel nail

Alexandra Binder

Soham talks about the search for happiness and the realization that this hidden gem can be found within yourself.

This inner gem gives an idea that everything is already here and it embodies "I am who I am."

925 silver & citrine

lis Gort

Rice and avocado, symbols of rural idyll and nature, are threatened by climate change.

A wide variety of impacts underline the urgency of climate protection measures.

Let's protect these hidden gems of our world by embracing sustainability and prioritizing curd over precious metals.


rice, avocado, glas, tin

Julia Lausegger

This pendant hides three stones and a small amount of gold beneath its burnt and cracked silver surface.

The cracks are delicately stitched together, serving more as a temporary fix to prevent complete breakage.
Often, we seek refuge behind the trials we've faced, presenting only our resilient facade to the world.

Yet deep down, our true desire is to reveal our inner selves, yearning for connection while grappling with the fear of being wounded
once more.

beneath the surface

925 Silver, Gold, synthetic Stones, Re-Used Chain



Noah Layr

As the human´s are driven by the lack of Valueable resources, we are reorganizing the the entire Planet and Ecosystems.
This Ring is a reminder that we have to pay a bill to get to our Valuable recources and also a question if it´s neccesary when we are mostly trying to hide our wealth when we reached our Goals.

The end of garden Eden

Ring/Object925 Silver, bronze & synthetic ruby



Fanny Schlag

A pendant shaped like a bean pod was created. This was done by making two halves, which are then
held together by a tube and eyelets attached in opposition, with a string running through them.

Inside this pod are the beans, which represent the actual treasure.

They are not real beans, but handmade ones, each made of a gemstone and a silver casing, so they can be worn individually or given as gifts.

I tried to incorporate the motto of "Hidden Gems" literally into my jewelry piece.



925 silver, leather & gemstones



Johannes Schweighofer

"Sunken treasures" is an enamel brooch folded from thin silver sheet.

The silver is enameled on both sides, the top is carefully cut and polished so that the enamel on the back shines through and brings the beauty of the sea structures to life.

The diamonds fused into the enamel on the back are reminiscent of the magic of sunken treasures.

With its wavy lines, transparent turquoise and deep blue enamel, it captures the atmosphere of a hidden underwater world - a world full of secrets.

Sunken treasures


silver, enamel, diamonds