Plattform schmuckkunst


We are an Association for Jewelry Art in the Heart of Styria, in the City of Graz.

Our Goals are to support the Jewelry Art and Artists in the posibility to have a Platform.

We organise meetings to make interaction possible, provide a growing technical & published Artjewelry Library

and we plan to invite international Artists to share there knowledge an expierences with us.

We speak German, English, Spanish and Italian feel free to contact us in these languages.

Who we are



Actual Projects

AIR 2024


Do you have a secret you've never dared to share?
Emotions you’ve kept locked away? I invite you to participate in "Never Dare I Say," a project designed to give voice to your innermost thoughts and feelings.
As part of my residency at Plattform Schmuckkunst, this project offers a platform for you to anonymously share your deepest secrets.
By writing down your secrets and placing them in the designated post box, you can find solace in acknowledging and releasing them.
Each week, I will transform some secrets into unique brooches, inspired by the words and emotions shared.
This process affirms that your feelings are seen, heard, and validated.
Join us in this journey.
Your participation not only helps you release your burdens but also supports others in realizing they are not alone in their struggles.
Thank you for your courage





20.07.2024 / 17.00



21.07.2024 / 19.00 /



"Never Dare I Say" is a project where individuals anonymously share their deepest secrets,

which are then transformed into unique brooches.

By creating these tangible objects, the project validates the secret writers' feelings and sparks broader
conversations about mental health and taboo topics.


Launching at Plattform Schmuckkunst in Graz, Austria, it will tour various locations, gathering local secrets and turning them into brooches.
This initiative fosters public participation, highlights our shared humanity, promotes empathy, and provides insight into the diverse
yet interconnected experiences of individuals across communities.



Open Call for Group Exhibition for contemporary Jewelry

Graz / September - Oktober 24 / Applications until August 23rd,

12pm CET

Vernissage                                                         28.09.2024
Exhibition                                                          28.09.2024 - 26.10.2024
Application deadline                                      23.08.2024 / 12 pm CET


Opening Times


DI  12.00 - 19.00

MI  12.00 - 19.00

DO  12.00 - 19.00

FR  12.00 - 19.00

SA  10.00 - 16.00


on appointment 0660/1991590