Plattform schmuckkunst


We are an Association for Jewelry Art in the Heart of Styria, in the City of Graz.

Our Goals are to support the Jewelry Art and Artists in the posibility to have a Platform.

We organise meetings to make interaction possible, provide a growing technical & published Artjewelry Library

and we plan to invite international Artists to share there knowledge an expierences with us.

We speak German, English, Spanish and Italian feel free to contact us in these languages.

Who we are



Actual Projects

Do We Know? Unveiling the Depths of Human Knowledge
Ausstellung der Meisterklasse Schmuck und Metallgestaltung, Ortweinschule
zeitgenössische Schmuckkunst

The exhibition „Do We Know? Unveiling the Depths of Human Knowledge“ takes visitors on a journey into the vast realm of understanding and the fundamental question of what we truly know.

Through installations and displays, it explores the intersections of science, philosophy, culture, and artificial intelligence, encouraging visitors to critically examine their beliefs and embrace the pursuit of knowledge as an ongoing journey.

The exhibition features jewelry objects and body ornaments, fostering dialogue and expanding perspectives.

„Do We Know? Exploring the Depths of Human Knowledge“ offers a stimulating and transformative experience, challenging visitors to question their preconceptions, embrace uncertainty, and embark on a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding.




Gyökös Borbála
 Huber Lisa
Reiter Selina
Schober Patrick
Schwienbacher Sofia
Westreicher Jana



15.02.2024 / 19 Uhr


16.02.2024 / 19 Uhr /

Opening Times


DI  12.00 - 19.00

MI  12.00 - 19.00

DO  12.00 - 19.00

FR  12.00 - 19.00

SA  10.00 - 16.00


on appointment 0660/1991590