3 rD element

Semesterpresentation of the alumnis from the 2. Year of Meisterklasse für Kunst und Gestaltung


Ortweinschule Graz


The alumnis are presentating a small Serie to the theme: „The Third Element


The perception of this task consists in subjecting oneself to the concept of the “third element / the foreign”

 through a subjective examination and a critical examination of materials to belong.


Helya Alizadeh

This jewelry are two rings that have functions and a brooch. When you turn the rings, you can fix each them in one of two holders. This makes the rings part of either a chain or another brooch.




Wasp nests served as a model for the design of the rings and the brooch.


The jewelry is made of silver.


Sand of Hormuz (Iran), which is black/silver because of the high content of iron oxide, is fixed on the silver "wasp nests". One of the rings is additionally decorated with gold.


Simone Beck

The pieces are supposed to represtent seedlings where the wood is the seed itself and the silver is the sprout that grows out of it.
The droplet symbolizes the water that is required for the seed to grow and thereby represents the conection between earth and life.

Susanne Engl

For many years now the avocado has become more and more popular as asuperfood in our kitchens.
However, in the countries where avocados are currently cultivated, namly Mexico, Israel and South Africa, this causes enviromental problems because of the huge demand for avocados and its needs for agricultural land and water.
With brooches made of the dried pit of an avocado, copper and gold leaf the artist aims to shine a light on this problematic handling of resources.

Vera Glawitsch

Variable Set with two versions of pins and a choker. The jewelery is made of the three different elements silk, silver and steel metall.
By looking at these elements, the observer is encouraged to associate the various elements individually with their personal body of thoughts, as well as to challenge their own thoughts.
Prejudice is human and influences everyones thoughts- for better or for worse. But, let us not forget how much can be re-arrenged and how perspectives can change - both ways.

Julia Jaksch

We are thriving to feel and experience the world to perceive and reflect our own personality.
What makes one vulnerable can be the sweetest gift for another. An open cage, with a cast heart that is half coverd in latex. A material who can be experienced as something that protects, divides or even gives pleasure.

It´ s as flexible as a mind can be, and used to erase lines as we sometimes would like to do with our darkest thoughts.
The geometric wire in contrast to a more organic heart shape cast in silver, can be worn as a ring. The latex is much less temporary and will change its appearance, the more often the object is worn.

Alina Janisch

The connection between jewelry and body is one of the most fundamental elements in jewelry art. The minimalistic shapes, as well as the ears made of silicone, should focus on exactly this connection between Material and Body. In that way the artistic design is adapted to the shape of the ear and the material. The almost invisible union of two parts becomes the third hidden element of my work.

Hannah Krottmayer

The 3. Element is the glass fuse.
Glass fuses protect the electric circuit from excessive electric current.
The intention from the artist behind it was to turn the position of the glass fuse from the saving Element to the saved Element by a river wire.

Peter Pröscholdt

These three rings are made of small, pear wood and bone plates, which are connected with silver chainlinks.
This connection makes them very base and flexible.The connection between these materialsis that all of them are stedily invreasing in varity. The silver representing a precious metal, wood for our worldwide forrest shrinking, and the bone for our global animal diversity.

Elena Sizova

These three pendants have been made by Elena Sizova.

We deal here with anunusual union of stone and metal.
An originally weak abd brittle talc represent the basement for the hard silver covering parts and appearing occasionally in-betweens plays a role of the third element in these jewellery.

Lydia Valant

A hairslide, a brooch or scarf clasp, and a necklace - each ons is held together only by the pin.

The materials are ordinary cattle bones and bronze.
The bird is cast after an original which was found in the tomb called „ Kultwagengrab“ in Strettweg from 7th century BC.

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