Homo Homini lupus

Is the human a wolf? Is the wolf more human?

Facing current ecosystem issues, we, as jewelry art creators, want to question and point out how we perceive and experience this situation.

Should humans take responsibility for the planet, nature, animals, our children, ourselves, and strangers who might turn into allies after all?

BERTHA Margarethe

No... It´s all about humanity.

Are you fucking blind man?

Wer nichts wagt...


La pfüsch



silver, copper, plastic, enamel & medicaments

DANDL Emilio

Man is its own Wolf. Viewed from the angle of Drugs. The wolf in this analogy would be the one to distribute those substances, but at the same time the person, which, led by addiction, is bound to fall.

As an example how drugs could be used in moderation is showcased by the fly agaric, and therefore all ’magic mushrooms’.

Those substances in particular are, even now, used in ritualistic practices. Thus the question arises, how much must a drug be frowned upon, for it to retain its true status



copper & enamel

Julia Antonia Marckonato

This work consists of a series of necklaces in the form of military identification tags (dog tags) that address the issue of species extinction. The pendants are covered with a pattern composed of human and animal outlines.

They are intended to raise questions and point out the responsibility that humans have toward their environment and life on earth.

Artensterben Bruchstücke


copper, foil, industrial made chain


Is there no end to the selfdestructive capacity of humans exhausting the worlds resources and exploiting fellow mankind?

If we could work together in agreement like teeth in a denture to our own good, instead!



copper, silver, enamel, leather, guitar string, sheep wool, moss

NJOKU Richard


Those bowls represent one's self as a vessel and how different events can change or influence the layers around you.

 The Void Left Behind



copper & enamel


The bigger eats, the smaller. Everyone is only concerned about their own profit. Like greedy wolves, the world is exploited without consideration of losses.


At the end of the chain is the earth, which should be precious to us like a little treasure.

Alles Wölfe


copper, enamel, glas, leafgold


In contrast to the English philosopher: Thomas Hobbes, who justifies his call for an all-powerful, totalitarian state with the ancient Roman proverb: "Man is a wolf to man" (Leviathan, 1651), I agree with animal ethicist Mark Rolands, who concludes in his work "The Philosopher and the Wolf" that it would do man good to shed some of his manipulative, ape-like qualities in favor of more truthful, wolf-like qualities. Above all, to pretend, to fake - to wear masks.


Thus, this work asks the following questions:


 Me ?


What remains, when our masks fall ?

©Johannes Schweighofer



copper, enamel, steel

THEISL Damian Mauro

It's an enameled copper ring that presents a snake, that's cut in multiple pieces.

The snake represents the energy that is invested to achieve different goals, by different parties, without even acknowledging the most urgent common problem they face, which is that it is cut and doesn't have any ground to thrive on.

Join or Die


copper, enamel, silver, cubic zirkonia

JIMENEZ Heer  Maider Victoria

The title of this work comes from two German words. The fist one “TOT”, meaning death, the second one “Rotkäppchen” which is the title of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood in German.

The work refers to the unhappy endings of many stories before they were adapted for children.


Picknick mit dem Wolf

Ziselierte Geschichte



Copper, enamel