Distance - Disdancing


The current exhibition is reflecting on the lasting Pandemic.

Previous experiences and impressions are recapitulated

and a careful look into the future is dared.


Participating artists:




miriam Bacher


Because of the ongoing pandemic people are forced to distance themselves from the outside world and other people. They spend more time at home than usual and get frustrated in the long run.


Separated from others, feeling restricted in their freedom and personal development, people are longing for unusual activities to bring them joy and deflection.

This series of rings is called HOME ARTIST and stimulates the need to create personal jewelry in a playful way.

By using magnetic prefabricated parts only, this is a subliminal access to make jewelry because no specific manual skills are needed.

The shown series of 8 rings is made from different magnets, steel keyrings and hematites and is intended to be an inspiration to start experimenting.


All kinds of magnetic objects can be joined together and can be moved and arranged in infinite ways. Playing with attraction and repulsion turns out to be a very meditative activity and at the same time reflects our current state as a dance between cohesion and distance.

Noah Layr

Biedermeier 2.0. Lockdown Jewelry




2020 changed a lot, from the lifestyle of being in a world globalization, running for the next appointment somewhere, we jumped into the lock down.


Pretended to have everything in our world full of technology, we go crazy like a caged animal without social contact in the real world.


We start thinking about our living situation and as the shops open again we put a lot of energy into the design and adaptation of our little realm like in the time of the Biedermeier.


After a summer full of realisation, that we cannot solve the Problem of Covid as far as we all wanted the time is getting slower and slower and the future is farer away the more sacrifices we make.


That´ s why I created jewelry to pause, which painfully restricts the range of motion and lets us pause to wait for the inaccessible and not to run after it like in the old days, as well as it confronts us with the harsh contradiction of our wishes wich looking at us while they lock us down.


Wolfgang Löffler


"The golden cage"


Only in your head… Self-portrait?


It is the first of three works in gold that are very close to my heart.

Who looks into the bird cage is caught - by the mirror mounted inside, witch is creating an optically an illusion.


We build the golden cage ourselves, because it gives us security.

As an expression of strict restrictions, it is precisely worked, technically complex and linear.


The cage creates a safe distance from everything,

the abundance of gold as well.


The price you pay is that nobody can get close to you.